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Tabloids Again?

10 Jul 2012 17:37  |  by Brooke Bishop
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Aren't there any famous people in the city that need the paparazzi all over them? The very last thing I need is a story, nearly a week late, about me enjoying a drink with someone.

I am not important.

I am not famous.

And for the love of God, I am not worth wasting paper and ink on!

Thankfully it only made it into the paper, and not their online magazine. Still, it's annoying to find an article about ones self. They didn't get a shot of my face, nor do they know my name. But I recall the bar, and the conversation. The playfully friendly flirtation.

Why the newsworld seems to care if I'm considering friendship with Rhett Harper, COO of Aerotek, I have no idea.

I have called Kieran in regards to it and explained the situation. He may not read such utter crap as the tabloids, but I wanted to be the one to tell him. Not have one of his employees mention it.

I'm just happy that mum, dad, and the twins were with Bridget when I read the article. I tossed that particular magazine down the recycling chute as soon as I could. They don't need to be reading that. Especially since Rhett is a sorcerer.

They've gone home this morning. One full week in the city, but dad was missing the farm, and mum can't really run a bed and breakfast when she's not around. I've invited the twins back for a few days next month. I don't know if they'll both come, but Willy seemed interested. It might be good for him to come to a Coven meeting with Bridget and I.

Actually, his visit might give Bridget something to distract her from Gabriel Howe.

Going to have to cut this short. Regina just called.

Seems I'm going to be mentoring someone.

Lord help us both.

Quick Life Catchup

26 Jun 2012 13:45  |  by Brooke Bishop
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Sera's book signing went off without too much of a hitch. There were some unexpecteds that happened, but none of them on my end of things. New Orleans was a smash, and with the auction of the baskets we raised just under $10,000.00 for Reading Tree.

I just sent them the certified check this morning, so they should be quite happy with the result. I've also spoken to Mr. Wysocki, who said he'll donate any damaged merchandise to them. It doesn't sound like much, but it beats him sending it back to the publishing house, and them tossing the books back into the landfill.

I've got some great pictures from the event. I've sent some away to get blown up for Gidget's shop, and they should be back any day now. One of the designers offered to cut out the backgrounds on the doubles for free, so that she'll have nice images of the dresses to put up on her shop wall.

Sera sent me a check to pay for the event, and I've still not cashed it yet. I was hosting the event in her honor, so it feels weird to take her money. I don't know if I should cash it. I mean, it would probably be rude not to, but at the same time it feels rude to do it. I think before I decide what to do with it, I'll call her and fuss. If she's absolutely adamant that I have it, then I'll cash it.

Before that, I've got to make another call. One I've been putting off since last Friday. I know Gidget informed her that Gabriel was back in the city, but I've got a lot more to report. Like Kostas showing up at the event.


Rolling my chair back from my desk, I settle my head down atop it for a moment. Mum and dad are coming up this next weekend, with the twins, so I can inform her then; or at the Coven meeting that Regina's sure to call to attempt to figure out what to do about Gabriel.

I feel like I'm betraying Bridget as I lift my head to make the call. It rings three times before I hear her voice on the other end of the line.

"Regina, I've got some information for you."


"I'm free for lunch this afternoon."


"That sounds fine. I'll meet you there in an hour."

I hang up the phone, taking a deep breath.

It's going to be a long day.


21 Jun 2012 01:34  |  by Brooke Bishop
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Four dates.

Numerous telephone calls and texts.


A dress.

And already I've begun to fall for Kieran quite hard. It snuck up on me; though really it was there almost immediately upon meeting him. Like one of those moments in my favorite novel where the heroine just happens to look into the eyes of the hero and knows that they're destined for something greater.

It sounds stupid. I sound like a lovesick teenager. I'm well aware of this.

I'm aware that I'm slipping in my profession as well. I became painfully aware of this when I spotted myself in a rather intimate conversation with Kieran in an online tabloid this morning. While the article was actually quite endearing, I doubt there was a 'close source' on either side of us that would gush that much.

Complete trash, but the picture does look like we're 'definitely hot for each other'.

The only thing that would complete my morning is having Mum notice it, and call asking to meet him when she comes up for the Fourth.

Phone Call

08 Jun 2012 23:43  |  by Brooke Bishop
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"Touch of Magic. Brooke speaking." I roll my chair out from behind my desk, moving toward the fax machine. I really wish everyone would use emails these days, but some of the older people, like Mr. Wysocki at Tattered Cover prefer faxes. Picking up the information I roll back to my desk and begin typing the information into the laptop.

"Brooke? It's your mother."

"Hey, Mum. What's up?"

"Your sister told me that you've been dating."

I'm going to kill Bridget the next time I see her. "Well, Mum, I'm thirty. It's not unusual for me to be out on a date, right?"

"She said you really like this man. He's not another sorcerer is he? We liked Bryn, but that was an entirely different story." I can hear mum puttering in the kitchen, likely preparing dinner for dad once he's back in from the stables.

"I do, but it's not as though it's serious. Just a few dates." Just a few dates my ass. It's been two, with a third tonight. I really like Kieran, but I can't tell my mum that. "Please don't try to marry me off or anything? And don't tell dad."

There's a strange pause on the phone, and I can just tell what my mother is thinking.

"Well… your father already knows. He wants to know if you're planning on bringing your boyfriend around for Father's Day."

My typing stops and I take a deep breath. I really don't want to yell at my mother, but it's going to be a very close call here. "Mum," I say as calmly as I can manage, "He's not my boyfriend. He's a man I've been out with twice." Never mind that I probably would've gone well beyond the making out I did with him in the private room of his club if I thought he'd want to see me again after.

"Still, your father wants to know."

Another deep breath is taken before I answer, "No, mum. I'm not bringing him home for Father's day. It's not that involved of a relationship at this point. If it goes beyond just a few dates, I'll let you know and we can discuss whether or not I'm bringing him home then, alright?" Beat. "But I'll drive up the Saturday before and spend the day with dad on Sunday."

"You know, you need to start thinking about settling down. By the time I was your age, I'd already had all of you kids. You're not going to be able to procreate soon…"

"Mum! I'm not settling for some jerk just to have kids. When and if I get married, or have children, it will be with someone I love as much as you love dad."

"Do you think it'll be with this man?"

I really want to bash the phone against the desk, but I can't. I need to keep it handy in case a client calls. "I don't know, mum. I barely know the man. All I can tell you is that I like him." Really like him. "I'm attracted to him." Extremely so. "That I look forward to seeing him again."

"Oh, Brooke! That's wonderful. You know, you'll probably be settling down soon. I should let you go and give your sister a call. She doesn't even date, you know."

Of course Bridget doesn't date. I've never been quite sure of her reasoning, but that's her own business, I figure. "I'm sure she will when she meets the right man."

"I've got a friend visiting from college. Her son would be perfect for your sister. Maybe I can introduce them on the weekend…"

Another call is coming through the line and I bless my lucky stars. "Mum, I've got to let you go. I've got a client on the other line. Love you, bye."

I hang up before she gets another word in edgewise.

What is Wrong With Me?

18 May 2012 15:44  |  by Brooke Bishop
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What in the world is wrong with me?

I feel like a stalker fangirl, running into Sera Roche like that the other night in Times Square. Offering her premium mint M&Ms while she was window shopping? Really? I'm just lucky she's got such a good nature, and didn't mind a bit of intrusion.

It amuses me though that I keep running into her now. Almost like it was fated or something. I haven't been able to shake the feeling that I'm supposed to be helping her, and when I brought up the idea for the reading, and the dinner with reading events, she was on board with them.

I'm excited, and I've already begun to lay the ground work for the events, centered around the new book. The reading at the book shop will take place just before the book is released, and the dinner either the night of, or the weekend after the release.

I just need to get in touch with Nichole Welles at the restaurant that Sera suggested, to see if we can rent out the space for the Thursday evening.

It's a dream come true for me, really. Working for someone I'm such a fan of. I've every intention of doing it pro-bono, except for the costs of the event. I'm going to ask her that any fee she might've thought to pay to me goes to the charity I've chosen for the event; Reading Tree.

Reading Tree is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide books to disadvantaged families in the markets we serve. We accept all types of books and support literacy with our sustainable model of reuse, recycling and fund-raising. Reading Tree is committed to keep millions of usable books out of our nation’s landfills. Since 2007, Reading Tree has distributed several million books to Title 1 schools and partnering charities that support local libraries and literacy programs.

To make the week even better… he called me.

I can't believe someone like Kieran Collins (who Sera insists is taken with me), would actually call and invite me out for drinks.

I've been floating around since the phone call earlier this evening, going through my closets and trying to find the absolute perfect outfit to grab his interest and hold it.

Bridget had better be happy that I'm actually going out on a date with a good looking, purportedly rich man.

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