Zach Walker
Zach Walker
Portrayed by Desmond Harrington
Full Name Zachary T. Walker
Class Werewolf
Birthday October 17th, 1983
Age 33
Height 6'
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown
Factions Stone Trees Pack
Occupation Math Teacher, Secondary Education

Claim to Fame

Teaches Math and Advises the Math Achievement Team at a Harlem Charter School


  • Born in upstate NY
  • Was born a werewolf, inherited from his father, Sam
  • When he was old enough to understand, his father took him on a camping trip in the Adirondack Mountains and explained what being a werewolf meant and entailed
  • Zach was instructed to keep quiet about it, but he did confess and confide in his best friend
  • Many wolves were around during his formative years as his father had strong ties to the local pack, but Zach was no formally introduced to the pack until the age of ten; it was then that Alpha at that time told Sam that he could smell the wolf in Zach
  • Had his first shift at twelve, and though it took him unawares, he managed to run off to the woods near his home before fully shifting; his father followed and brought him to the Pack Run, the private sacred spot where the pack gathers during full moons
  • Went to NYU for college with Amy as the pair of best friends were inseparable, where he met a few members of the Stone Trees Pack and agreed to respect their space, but returned home every full moon to his pack
  • After graduating, decided to relocate to NYC with Amy
  • Officially joined The Stone Trees Pack after moving to NYC permanently
  • Teaches math at one of the Charter Schools in Harlem

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