Taylor Clarke
Taylor Clarke
Portrayed by Heather Morris
Full Name Taylor Bethany Clake
Class Werewolf
Birthday February 24, 1989
Age 28
Height 5' 8"
Build Athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde
Factions Pack
Occupation Corps de Ballet Dancer, New York City National Ballet Company

Claim to Fame



  • Born and raised in a small town in Vermont, where her family owns vast acreage, where the wolves can run free when they change
  • Born a werewolf, a trait inherited from her paternal line
  • Had her first change at thirteen
  • Despite her parent's reluctance, she boarded at a prestigious dance school in Boston from ages fourteen through eighteen, though she left the city to stay with "relatives" for "religious" observations during the full moon (the local pack 'fostered' her while she went to school and she would go to their changing ground for the full moon)
  • After scoping out the Stone Wolf Pack in New York City and meeting several times with Blake and his lieutenants, Taylor moved to the City where she is considered a member of the pack, though she keeps close ties with her family pack in Vermont. (Fortunately, the two packs are distant enough that there are not any territory issues between them)
  • Has been dancing with the New York City National Ballet Company since joining at eighteen

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