Nick Riggs
Nick Riggs
Portrayed by Dean Geyer
Full Name Nicholas Jonathan Riggs
Class Psychic (Biokinetic)
Birthday December 29, 1988
Age 28
Height 6'
Build Tall, athletic
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown
Factions None
Occupation Corps de Ballet dancer, New York City National Ballet Company

Claim to Fame

Avid pool player, has competed in and won a number of local and statewide championships.


  • Has been dancing since the age of seven. Started out in tap, and moved onto ballet. Has also studied gymnastics
  • Attended Chicago Youth Arts Academy from grades seven through twelve and apprenticed with the Chicago City Ballet
  • Danced with the Chicago City Ballet for three years after graduating from the Arts Academy, then took a road trip to New York City to audition for the New York City National Ballet Company
  • Has been dancing with the New York City National Ballet Company since 2009

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