Maeve Brennan
Maeve Brennan
Portrayed by Jane Seymour
Full Name Maeve Colleen Brennan
Class Human
Birthday February 14th, 1958
Age 59
Height 5' 3"
Build Petite
Eyes Blue
Hair Auburn
Factions N/A
Occupation Manager of Flanaghan's

Claim to Fame

Widowed mother of three who runs Flanaghan's like nobody's business and keeps the bar pulling profits even with the rough economy.


  • Immigrated to the States from Ireland with her husband, Tierney, in 1977 at the age of 20. Tierney and Maeve had married young, and he moved here to work for his uncle, Barney, at his uncle's construction firm. They already had one son, a babe in arms, Brian.
  • Barney trained Tierney to take over the business, and business was good. Maeve and Tierney had two more sons over the next three years: Shane in 1979, and David in 1980. Maeve was a stay at home mom who excelled at taking care of the boys and even babysitting for other mothers in the neighborhood, who didn't have the luxury of staying home.
  • When David started full time school, Maeve was bored. She didn't have to work, but she wanted to get out of the house. She liked people, and tried various jobs, everything from waiting tables to veterinarian receptionist.
  • An unknown congenital heart problem took Tierney's life in the fall of 1990.
  • Widowed, with three boys, Maeve sought to find work, although Barney and Tierney's crew made an effort to look out for her.
  • On the anniversary of Tierney's death found Maeve at Flanaghan's where she struck up a conversation with the charismatic 'cousin' of the pub's owner. (This would be Kieran Collins, using an alias at that time.) The attention of a younger man was flattering and eventually, Maeve got caught up in a secret affair with the young Irishman.
  • The affair didn't last, and Maeve came out of it knowing not only what her lover was, but unafraid at the knowledge.
  • Maeve accepted the position of bartender, then later night manager and finally full manager, as her awareness of what who and what the pub's owner was and her familiarity with the day to day operations made her a good candidate to work there.

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