Lucas Reynard
Lucas Reynard
Portrayed by Ioan Gruffudd
Full Name Lucas Randall Reynard
Class Sorcerer
Birthday March 23rd, 1978
Age 39
Height 5'11"
Build Tall, and athletic
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Factions RINC
Occupation Proprietor of Drake Media

Claim to Fame

Started Drake Media as a subsidiary of RINC straight out of university.


  • The oldest of two brothers, Lucas Reynard grew up with the reputation of a visionary and a prodigy.
  • Growing up under a sheltered but very comfortable lifestyle, Lucas felt like a bird in a cage and developed strong desire for freedom. He felt he could only accomplish this by ignoring a large portion of his childhood in order to guarantee his success and freedom as and adult in the future.
  • At a young age he developed a method to determine a persons value and worth that involved analyzing people through their body language and key words- Because no one was in on his method, and so many failed his tests then were subsequently ignored due to his high standards, he often came off as a smartass or douche.
  • By the time he was accepted to college, he grew a touch more lax as he dabbled just a bit on the wild side of campus life. He also grew more accepting of lower intelligence as he began to see value in things besides a persons intellect. With the data he collected, he realized the potential of media's influence on people, which would eventually satisfy his hunger for power that was always overshadowed by his desire for freedom.
  • After graduating, he proposed his idea of a media company to his father and easily impressed him, resulting in the opening of Drake Media. Shortly after that, the popular nightclub Decades.
  • But since obtaining the freedom he's always wanted, he had little idea what to do next; and thus spends his time stirring up trouble in one way or another for personal amusement.

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