Kayla Martin
Kayla Martin
Portrayed by Allison Scagliotti
Full Name Kayla Kelly Martin
Class Psychic
Birthday November 3rd, 1990
Age 26
Height 5'7"
Build Slim
Eyes Brown
Hair Red-Brown w/colored streak
Factions The Priory
Occupation Computer Tech

Claim to Fame

Kayla has numerous computer certifications, and is best known in elite geek/computing circles as being the Hacker who took over the New York tourism site.


  • From a single parent home, where she didn't have someone watching over her constantly (the proverbial latch-key kid).
  • Got into electronics and computers at a very early age. Took apart her first piece of electronic equipment at the age of six, and rebuilt it to have different functions.
  • Is an telekinetic that specializes in electrokinesis.
  • Is a second generation inductee into the Priory. Her parent has always been part of the Priory, and as soon as her skills with computers became known, she became their tech guru.

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