Eugene Denham
Eugene Denham
Portrayed by Jeff Perry
Full Name Eugene Wallace Denham
Class Human
Birthday March 19th, 1956
Age 61
Height 6'
Build Stocky, hefty
Eyes Hazel
Hair Gray
Factions N/A
Occupation Medical Examiner

Claim to Fame

The Medical Examiner that supernaturals want on the scene when the crap goes down. He's familiar with supernaturals and knows how to shuffle the paperwork.


  • Twice divorced, five kids with three different wives, one was out of wedlock.
  • First encounter with the supernatural world when a Vampire 'awoke' on his table and tried to make him dinner. He fought it off, it escaped, and the next night, he was visited by a Vampire who compelled him to forget what happened.
  • Was later glamoured into remembering when the Vampires realized that it could be useful to have the ME as a connection.
  • Two years later, he was attacked in the park by a werewolf and a member of The Priory came to his defense.
  • Was offered a position within The Priory, but he declined. However, agreed to work with them on the weird deaths so long as it meant they would be the middle men.

Character Details

There's a reason that "Denny," as he's called, has been married and divorced twice and all but one of his children is estranged from him. He understands dead bodies more than he does people, and he likes it that way. He's abrupt, brash, fidgety and gets lost in crime scenes and post-mortems the way other people do in puzzles and good books. Still, he is one of the top ME's in the city, and he's the one the supernaturals want handling their business and bodies.


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