Elliott Spencer
Elliott Spencer
Portrayed by Nathan Fillion
Full Name Elliott Christopher Spencer
Class Human
Birthday July 11th, 1975
Age 41
Height 6'1"
Build Tall
Eyes Blue
Hair Light Brown
Factions The Sect
Occupation Ex-Priest

Claim to Fame

Elliott is best known for being "officially" denounced by the Catholic Church when he was ranting about vampires and attempting to kill them. He was secreted away for "psychological" help, and now works with The Sect with the permission of the Pope.


  • Was raised Catholic, by two very devout parents in NYC.
  • Decided at an early age to become a priest.
  • Went to seminary school.
  • At the age of thirty, he "publicly" lost it, when he was caught attempting to kill a man with a wooden stake, proclaiming he was a vampire and deserved to die.
  • Was "officially" denounced by the Catholic Church, but was secreted away to become part of the Sect.

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