Doris Parker
Doris Parker
Portrayed by Debra Mooney
Full Name Doris May Parker
Class Werewolf
Birthday November 22, 1950
Age 66
Height 5'6"
Build Stocky
Eyes Blue
Hair White/Blonde
Factions The Priory
Occupation "Retired" Nurse

Claim to Fame

Worked as a nurse in a mobile hospital during the Vietnam war.


  • Grew up in Iowa.
  • Left school to go to Vietnam as a nurse.
  • While in Vietnam, she was bitten by what they assumed was a dhole or a jackal, but wound up being a "wolf" in the form of an injured soldier she was treating.
  • Became extremely ill, and was sent a hospital in Tokyo until the fever was under control. Had her first turn in the city, and was unaware as to what was happening. The Japanese branch of the Priory picked her up and treated her until she was feeling better.
  • Once she felt better, she was sent in a helicopter back to her unit.
  • By the time she returned to US soil, she was well aware of what was happening to her. She sought out another branch of the Priory, and wound up in NYC, where she married and had children (none of whom "changed" into wolves at the full moon).
  • Has worked as a nurse, and for the Priory for the past 35 years, helping others that have been bitten by wolves come to terms with what they've become.

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