As Staff on NYC: Veil of Shadows we try to take a very light handed approach. We're all here to have fun after all and as far as we're concerned, we'd like to see players handle any conflict resolution on their own.

That's not to say that we won't step in if players feel that it's absolutely necessary or request it, but we won't step in immediately or arbitrate a conflict unless it becomes a public matter (i.e. harassing comments on the public channels).

Of course, we're always around if someone needs help with setting up a character page, or has questions on character concepts, and we're more than happy to provide assistance.

Active Staffers

Times Square

Times Square is the chief staffer on NYC, the main go-to person where concepts and plots are concerned. The buck stops here.
Wikidot ID: Times SquareTimes Square


Broadway is Times Square's essential right-hand. The one that takes care of some of the background issues.
Wikidot ID: Br0adwayBr0adway


Serafine is our "newbie" herder, and help staff when Times Square and Broadway can't be around.
Wikidot ID: Blood RomanceBlood Romance

Retired Staffers

None, currently.

Other Staffers You Might See Around

The following bits aren't necessarily 'staffers' so much as utility bits that help staff take care of the game in their own special way. Please direct all your inquiries to one of the Active Staffers listed above.


If you see 'NYC' online, you're seeing the server administrator.


The Postmaster is responsible for the mail on the game. If you happen to see the friendly mailman about, it's likely because something is wonky with the system. If you have an issue with the mail, please contact one of the Active Staffers listed above.

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